The QuadEdit

Lying in the center of Grove City College Campus is the quadrangle, or "quad." Students have historically been prohibited by the administration from walking on the grass in this area (under threat of the "Rockwell Sniper"). In recent years, restrictions have laxed, and the quad has been the subject of controversy among students and faculty. In the fall of 2005, the student government association voted to open the Upper Quad to "light athletic activities" and the administration established new policies for quad use. The full quad can now be used.

Creeking Edit

Creeking takes place on two occasions, typically. The first is when a male Grove City student becomes engaged. The second occasion for creeking is when a fraternity man has been elected as the sweetheart of a sorority. Creeking is done by a group of men, who are typically the subject's friends, subduing the man to be creeked and carrying him from his dorm building down to Wolf Creek in the center of campus while chanting, "Wolf Creek." The friends then toss the subject into the creek. If the bride-to-be does not reach her fiance with a towel when he is coming out of the creek, then he is allowed to throw her in as well.

Ring By Spring Edit

At Grove City College you will often hear of the "Ring by Spring", this refers to getting engaged before the spring of senior year.

Mass E-mails Edit

Mass e-mails are e-mails sent to everyone on campus. Most are from school officials, but about once a year it used to be the case that a freshman would send one, unaware they were not allowed to do so. The TLC updated the system so that it no longer permits students to send campuswide emails.

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